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It's not just a cup of tea...

It's a cup of life. One sip and you're renewed, refreshed, reawekened. Vintage brings you the rich, aromatic flavours of black, green and infused teas to enrich your life.

Our specialized blends are carefully created and its rich flavour has taken the world by storm. It isn't just our tea that attracts special attention, our packaging unit combines the technicalities of science with ouf expert knowledge of tea to create tea-specific packaging of the future. At Vintage, we consider this just the beginnings.

Tea is what we do best
, so it's no wonder that we take it so seriously.

We start with carefully handpicking the finest samples moving on the grading, sampling, tasting, choosing, buying and recheching; perfection, is routine to our panel of experts.
Our teas encompass the finest tastes and textures, using state of the art equipment to create full-bodied aromatic blends. And our work doesn't end there. Each product is individually packaged to retain its freshness and thereafter shipped to specific clients.

Vintage Teas makes sure order is tracked along its route and delivered on time, everytime.