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The story of Vintage tea begins with three men and a cricket ball...

Being pioneers in the tea industry, the three founders of Vintage teas felt it was time to venture out on their own. But, as with all success stories, it wasn't that simple.
From a make-shift office in the family home, to working nights on end, meeting deadlines, to securing adequate finance, the task was almost impossible.
It was fate that gave them an appointment with an ardent cricket enthusiast at the bank. He recognized Sriantha Rajapakse from his earlier days as a national cricketer and the rest as thes say, is history.
More employees joined in, the house was left behind and an office space was rented, and piece by piece the story of Vintage Tea slowly came together.


Sriantha Rajapakse

Chairman and Co-Founder of Vintage Teas, his professional experience spans close to three decades, which speaks volumes about his tea and managerial expertise. His efforts have propelled the company towards growth ocer the past 15 years. With a wide experience in the tea industry and unrelenting focus on providing superior customer service, he leads his team from the front, aligning the with the company's vision and inspiring them to deliver their very best.

Mahinda Karunanayeke

Director and Co-Founder of Vintage Teas, he has spent the last 20 years in the industry and exhibited great foresight, notably in winning many export markets. He spells out the vision and the strategic direction of Vintage Teas to oversee the company's expansion and is responsible for consolidating growth in markets across the globe. His leadership inspires his team to manage the consistent growth of the company.

Vinodh Wijetunga

Director and Co-Founder of Vintage Teas, he has had a very colourful, all-round career in the tea industry locally and globally, before embarking on the company formation. His main focus in managing the consistent growth and continous sustenance of the company. He retains the cutting edge development of new products for global markets, which has been his core competence. He heads his team in quality transformation and overall project management. His international exposure has given him an insight into the high levels of customer care demanded by the modern market.